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Today is last day of this year-2010! Within few moment we will bid good-bye to this year and will be pushed to welcome helplessly the New Year 2011!

I have very bitter memories of outgoing year. I lost my father- sadly, even I was unable to accompany him, while he was breathing last time  due to my so-called social obligation.  This year my lovely daughter under went appendix- surgery- pity to mentioned that I was far from country due to my trade union responsibility. I have few more stuffs to add in this list!

Nevertheless, despite my willingness, unnecessarily, I fail to accomplish National duty- completing to writing-up of country’s new Statute; for which I have been paid the tax payers’ earnings!So how can I feel glory & proudness on you?!  In many context, I observed Blues in national scenario throughout your tenure!! For what reason should I have to remember you the Year 2010?

Sorry, I won’t remember you in glory … … …  yeah you will remind me all the pains & failures definitely!

You must go now! Bye-bye Year 2010, bye….

I will  forget you and welcome the new Year-2011, very different- not like you! A colourful one!! A successful and prosperous Year!

Happy New Year- 2011!

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  • Thanks for sharing your emotions and willing… May this new rising sun will fulfill all your dreams that are left behind in 2010.

    Comment by Susheel — January 1, 2011 @ 8:44 pm

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