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Gist of my address@ Legislature-parliament

The bosses are doing ‘politics’ now. They are in the race who will head the employers’ apex body. To show oneself more ‘pro-business’ candidate, they are in down ward race! A regressive competition to prove oneself who is more anti- working people, the one who can offer workers a meagre wage-rate!

I was planning to make a special note to address the legislature parliament. I had chosen issue as WAGE increment.

With bit poor preparation, I said- “today I will raise issue regarding public concern not political rhetoric.” I explain on Consumer Price Index (CPI) and soaring it’s height. Then I moved to where the working population in Nepal are standing!

I questioned- “if 1kg Onion costs NRs. 150, how can a worker survive with a daily wage of NRs 190?!”

I further reminded that the ongoing strike in Hetauda and other places was not caused by the trade unions but instigation of the puppet element of ill-intentioned employers.

“The unions want to continue dialogue and even they have collectively called off all protest program, why employers are showing reluctancy to sit in bargaining table? Why the Bosses are interested to prolong strike incidents, why they are opting signing a separate “deal” with some individual ignoring trade union centers? The deal which was neither in entire employers interest nor the expected one to the trade unions and the working people?!” Read More…

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