BN° 019


Me with my father, sisters and brothers@Tihar-009

मृत्यु वर्षको तिहार !

यो फोटोमा देखिनु भएको मेरो पिताजी अब हामिसंग हुनुहुन्न, उहाँ कै सम्मानमा यो साल हामिले दसैँ तिहार मनाएनौ !

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BN° 010

Heading to Beijing

Now am in Changi Airport of Singapore heading to Beijing. Comrade Mukunda along with Ganesh Niraula and Chadra Dhakal is in full mood to talk. I am thinking, what should I do? Writing mail? Cheking E-mail? Or hanging on in new fashion- the facebook?!

Everything I did! One mail I post to my son via facbook, one mail I send to my wife, i logon to gefont mailbox- however, there was nothing. Thus quickly decided to write blog. Read More…

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