BN° 017

And she had drawn an ugly sketch, the caption reads-

“Remove all the hair around your nose and mouth, it is just like beard! Your eye-lasses are also like that, and your eyebrows also! Your mouth is just like a pig (it was just crossed and again written monkey)!”

I look like this! Opps!!!

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BN° 012

When Yatri weeps, it is too bad!

Dec 20! This day matters me any way. I was inaugurating convention of transport workers’ local unit in Kapan- Kathmandu as the chief guest. Variou dignitaries in local areas were invited there. Prior to me, many of them addressed the convention. Some were too polite, some- take for example the Maoist representative, as usual had been vomiting hard words posing themselves “most” revolutionaries.

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