Structural Adjustment and Economic Restructuring in Nepal: Trade Unions Response and Demands
November 25th, 2009

Although the government has not completely revised the liberalization and privatization policies of the former government, intention has been shown to safeguard and enhance the interest of the working class. Nonetheless, the policy pronouncement so far are less than adequate and insufficient to safeguard and enhance the interest of the Nepali working class, GEFONT expects and demands more specific policies and programmes in future for preventing the exploitation of working class by the monopoly capitalists, both internal and external and for raising the living standard of workers.

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Challenging Globalisation
November 9th, 2009

Having very narrow aim of restoration of multi-party system in Nepal, the 1990 mass movement invited a lot of contradictions along with the success of movement. This was because, the end of the movement was power equilibrium between customary powers led by Royal Palace and people’s power comprising liberal democrat with social democratic vision and the united left front dreaming radical change in the society. As a result the then Constitution of Nepal adopts a path of “constructive reform” and denies class struggle as expected by communist party and class hegemony as advocated by the conservatives.

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