कारण सँधैभरी हुन्छन्, तर ती सँधै चित्तबुझ्दा हुँदैनन् ।
May 13th, 2017


भनिन्छ, सिद्धान्त ‘उत्तर–पुस्तिका’ होइन, ‘विकल्पहरु’को भण्डार हो । त्यसैले सिद्धान्तलाई ‘विज्ञान’ भनिन्छ; ‘वेद–वाइवल–कुरान–वा कुनै धर्मग्रन्थ’ जस्तो मानिन्न । सिद्धान्तमा लेखिएका कुराहरुको ‘जप’ गरिन्नन्, बरु यसलाई आप्mनो वास्तविकता अनुरुप सिर्जनात्मक प्रयोग गरिन्छ । एउटा सिद्धान्तले समय सापेक्ष थुप्रै उत्तरका लागि विकल्प खुला गरिदिन्छ । जस्तो की २++२ = -बराबर के हुन्छ भन्यो भने उत्तर– ४ हुन्छ; तर ४= के हुन्छ भन्यो भने हामीसँग धेरै उत्तर हुन सक्छ। “२+२= ४ हुन्छ, उत्तर हो भने ४= के, के हुन्छ?” भन्ने चाँहि सिद्धान्त जस्तो! तथ्याङ्कको भण्डारले हामीलाई तथ्य के छ भन्ने बताउँछ, र प्राप्त तथ्यलाई कसरी मानव जातीको हितमा सदुपयोग गर्ने भन्ने चाँहि हामी मै निर्भर गर्दछ ।

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ITUC AP needs smart action for the region, not only the heap of agendas
April 2nd, 2017

In comparison, expansion and situation of trade union strength in Nepal is better than others.  But Nepal faces challenge of stable membership due to existing large informal sector. Therefore, Trade union movement of Nepal has to accept that organizing is the first and continued necessity of union movement for Building Workers’ Power. I join with previous speakers and reiterate their points that the AP needs smart action for the region, not only the heap of agendas.

Colleagues do not forget Asia Pacific region is not only our home; it is the powerhouse of global labour movement!

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Yes, Collaboration and cooperation!
February 22nd, 2017

Interestingly, not only human being; various guests creatures also make tourism in my country! However, we are facing these days an adverse effect; Take an example, every year Demoiselle Crane visits my country in Winter from Mongolian, China and some parts of Russia; they were spending some nights in our land. Two weeks back scientists were alarming, Demoiselle Crane didn’t stay even single night this year! Just enter and immediately left!

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JTUCC didn’t permit to apply a notion- ‘the winners take all’; but directs- work together, accept every position determined by your strengths!
December 19th, 2016

Formation of JTUCC is, thus we believe, a wise reciprocity of our political system, which is a reflection of multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-ethnic reality; which is based on competitive- cooperation as internalise by our political system; It didn’t permit to apply a notion- ‘the winners take all’; but directs us- work together, accept every position determined by your strengths! The JTUCC has manifested it through its slogan- ‘Unity in Diversity!’ We take every decision in consensus; where every affiliates enjoy their freedom to continue their position independently on the issues of non-unanimity. A best part till today is- social dialogue takes place with other social partners in common agenda agreed by JTUCC. We proudly call it Nepali model of trade unionism! Read More…

Along with these youngs, we all are with you prime minister!
August 24th, 2016

“When I became minister once- my persona was something. In my tenure I gave employment to more than Twenty-six hundred people. I was removed from the post not because I did something wrong, but because I was with the people. I thought something will happen. That very Day in my official residence, my personal security guard came, lowered the flag, saluted me and left. I looked around- my Personal Secretary had already left me. My wife, who would otherwise be busy preparing tea endlessly for the endless visitors, was sitting there staring at me. A dog was besides me wagging tail. And I thought this is the language of power! When you have it, you are surrounded by masses of people; when your power is stripped off, you are alone!

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We respect to Rt. Hon’able President as symbol of our national unity and faithful tower of our republic!
January 23rd, 2016

We respect to Rt. Hon’able President as symbol of our national unity and faithful tower of our republic. To maintain the dignity of this prestigious institutions that we Nepalis have established after decades of our struggle, is our duty. Therefore, we trust – Rt. Hon’able President, as a respected institution of all Nepali, will bring back the almost lost compassion and good will among the people of Nepal.

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चुनौतिका चाङमाथि उभिएको असिमित सकारात्मक संभावना
November 2nd, 2015

हाम्रा सम्माननीय प्रधानमन्त्रीज्यूले नयाँ संविधानसभाको निर्वाचन लगत्तै ‘के यो संविधानसभाले संविधान लेख्ला र?’ भन्ने खालका आशंक गर्नेहरुलाई संधै एउटा वाक्यबाट जवाफ दिंदै आउनु भएको थियो– ‘यो संविधानसभा, अघिल्लो संविधानसभा जस्तो संविधान नबनाइकन घोसेमुण्टो लगाएर फर्किदैन।” घोसेमुण्टो लगाए फर्किने संविधानसभाको सदस्यहरुमध्ये म आफुपनि एक भएकोले यो वाक्यले मजस्ता पात्रलाई च्वास्स घोच्नु स्वभाविकै थियो। तर आज कठिनसाध्य जटिलतालाई चिर्दै सफलता प्राप्त गर्ने पछिल्लो संविधासभाबाट संबिधान जारी भएको छ। संविधान जारीगर्न भूमिकाखेल्नु हुने नायकप्रति हुँदा बहुसंख्यक नेपाली गौरवान्वित छन्, नयाँ संविधान पाएकोमा फुरुङ्ग छन् । सम्माननीय प्रमले भन्नु भए जस्तै घोसेमुण्टो लगाउने नियती यो पछिल्लो सभाले व्योहोर्न परेन। यसैमा हामी दङ्ग छौं ।

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