The Social Charter:A South Asian Trade Union Perspective
July 9th, 2010

The central point of the trade union demand today is to put an end to the adverse effects of globalisation, effects such as massive job losses, new job creation in poorly paid informal sectors, restructuring of enterprises to face competition, slowdown in industrial growth, growth mainly in the service sector and growing industrial sickness imposed by the globalising finance capital.

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Trade Union Effort to Develop Labour Law in Nepal
November 9th, 2009

The first amendment of Labour Act was the result of the political changes on December 1960, which banned the political parties. In this amendment it has been defined the workers as adult, minor, and child. This amendment bought a big change in working hours by increasing it to 54 from 48 hours a week and 10 hours from 9 hours a day. The amendment gave no justification for the increase in the working hours. The clauses concerning the workers right to from labour unions was dropped from this amendment and left no room for any kind of labour organisation at any level. The amendment also brought new provision for wages. These all were became possible due to weak union movement at the time.

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