This 28th April is dedicated to those Working in Difficult Profession
April 28th, 2014

We talked about those with the possibility of returning back home, but did not discuss those whose occupation requires them to join a ‘last supper’ with the family members every time they set out for work, unsure if they would ever return. The neglected are the workers in the mountaineering occupation form the Himalayan region of our country. No ‘28th April’ to-date has spared a through for them in a true sense. Probably, we thought we should cry at those who died of mechanical fault or those perished under the heap of earth while digging a tunnel. However, we did not know what we should do when one is swept to death by an avalanche. We became deeply emotional when we saw burns or chemical injuries, but remained motionless when we saw frost-bitten limbs.  Read More…

मजदुर र मालिकको कुरा ठ्याम्मै मिल्दैन
April 25th, 2014
न्युज अफ नेपालमा प्रकाशित अन्तर्वार्ता, जस्ताको तस्तै !
जिफन्टको हालैमात्र अधिवेशन सम्पन्न भएको छ, अहिले मजदुर हक हितका बारेमा जिफन्ट के गर्र्दै छ ?
भर्खर महाधिवेशन सकिएको छ । महाधिवेशनले नयाँ नेतृत्व चयन गरेको छ । मे १ देखि नयाँ नेतृत्वले जिम्मेवारी पाउनेछ । त्यसअघि हाम्रो संक्रमणकाल जस्तै हो । पद हस्तान्तरण गर्नुअघि खासै काम गर्न सकिँदैन । त्यसपछि महाधिवेशनले पारित गरेको कामहरू कार्यान्वयन गर्नका लागि हामी क्रियाशील हुन्छौं । Read More…
Happy New Year 2071! 
April 14th, 2014
The Year 2069 (B.S) terribly failed to address our hope and expectation. The Year 2070 approached to us  with much doubt; however before bidding good bye- it surprisingly  succeed to bring back our derailed politics in track. Yesterday midnight the Year 2071 BS communicated a strong lesson to we Nepali who were sometimes embraced by a frustration such as “Forget democracy, forget development”! Year 2070 told- hey 2071! Look at me, I have done this much, and I will closely watch you what else you will deliver to Nepali people! Really the year 2071 has arrived with much expectation and hope! Read More…
नयाँ वर्ष २०७१ (वि.सं) को शुभकामना!
April 14th, 2014
उनान्न सत्तरी साल, आसा र अपेक्षा विपरीत असफल सालमा दरियो । सत्तरी आशंका सहित जन्मियो तर जाँदाजाँदै लिकबाट खसेको राजनीतिलाई लिकमा उकाल्न भ्यायो । ‘गयो की क्या हो लोकतन्त्र’ भन्ने चिन्तालाई, ‘मैले त यति गरें, अब कति गर्छस् एकहत्तर म पनि हेर्छु’ भन्दै हिजो रातीबाट विदा भयो । साँच्चिकै वि.सं. २०७१ ह्यात्तै आकांक्षा बोकेर आएको छ । Read More…
We want the concerned to be reminded once again that the unequal society stunted under the shadow of high-rise buildings is not what we are struggling for
April 3rd, 2014

You are aware that 30 persons per hundred are unemployed and some 30 per cent of the total population is poor. As we commence this National Congress, we want the concerned to be reminded once again that the unequal society stunted under the shadow of high-rise buildings is not what we are struggling for. And we do not call any show a progress that builds on the deprivation of the weak. Read More…

अग्ला भवनको छायाँमा टाक्सिएको असमान समाज हामीले चाहेको स्वर्ग हैन! निमुखाको गाँस काटेर देखाइने प्रगति, के प्रगति?
April 3rd, 2014

अहिले पनि हाम्रो समाजमा सयमा ३० वेरोजगार र कम्तीमा पनि जनसङ्ख्याको त्यत्ति नै हिस्सा गरीब तथा विपन्न छन् । हामी हाम्रो समाजको सम्पन्नता नेपालका कति अरबपतिहरुको नाम फोब्र्स पत्रिकामा छापियो भन्नेबाट हैन, तिनै विपन्नश्रमजीवीको हिस्सामा राज्यको आम्दानी कति प¥यो–– त्यसको लेखाजोखाबाट भएको हेर्न चाहन्छौं।

Read More…